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    6. Copy Files, Folders from Pc to Usb


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    6. Copy Files, Folders from Pc to Usb Empty 6. Copy Files, Folders from Pc to Usb

    Post by Aof on Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:06 am

    6. Copy Files & Folders from Pc to Usb
    1. Hold "Windows Key", tap "R", type, "cmd" press Enter.
    2. wmic logicaldisk get caption,description,filesystem = shows the drives connected to the Windows Pc.
    3. e: = navigates to the E: Drive.
    4. mkdir "W10 Folder1" & dir = Makes a Folder on the E Drive, then lists the directories on the E Drive.
    5. c: & dir = Navigates to the C: Drive, and lists the Dictories.
    6. cd Desktop & dir = Navigates to the Desktop & Lists the Directories.
    7. cd Folder1 = Navigates to Folder1 which has a file in it that I wish to copy.
    8. copy 1.txt e:\"W10 Folder1" = copies 1.txt to "E:\W10 Folder1"
    9. e: & dir = switches to the E: drive, and lists the directories.
    10. cd "W10 Folder1" = Navigates to W10 Folder1 directory.
    11. dir = Lists the directories, I see the file that I copied.
    12. cd .. = Navigates back a Directory.
    13. c: & dir = Navigates to the C: Drive, and lists the directories.
    14. cd .. = goes back a directory.
    15. cd "Folder the 2nd one" & dir = goes to a directory called, "Folder the 2nd one" and lists the directories within it.
    16. xcopy *.* e:\"W10 Folder2" /e /i = copies all files and subfolder files from within the current folder.
    "/e" copies the directories and subdirectories, including the empty ones.
    "/i" if the destination does not exist, and you're copying more than one file it will create the path we list in the Destination portion of the Command.
    17. e: & dir = Navigates to the E: drive and lists the Directories.
    18. cd "W10 Folder2" & dir = Navigates to Folder 2 on the E: drive, and lists the files.
    19. "Alt+tab" switches to Windows File Explorer, sometimes you have to right click in an open area and refresh the explorer before a newly added file will show up.

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