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    23. Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate Ver 32 or 64 bit


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    23. Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate Ver 32 or 64 bit Empty 23. Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate Ver 32 or 64 bit

    Post by Aof on Thu May 10, 2018 6:51 am

    23. Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate Ver 32 or 64 bit
        I show you where the sticker is on my Laptop displaying the model number of it, although it's too dark to see my actual model number, you can now look for the model number of your Pc. I teach you how to access the Bios on a Pc without Ueifi Bios and with, how to check how much Ram the Pc has, and I walk you through every step of re-installing Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System 32 or 64 bit.
    Due to Microsoft Change "Genuine" Versions of Windows 7 may be a thing of the past.
    Skip Below the "----" to learn how to activate windows without a key for free.

    Carefully follow the in-video instructions to
    1. Boot into the Windows 7 Installation Disk. Navigate to the "d:" drive. This sounds confusing, but in reality this is the c: drive, it appears as d, because we are accessing it from the d: disk drive.
    2. delete slui.exe it's located in d:windows/system32 folder which is how Windows locks a Windows 7 Computer, when the activation period expires.
    Navigate to the folder slui is located in, to view it and make sure that you're in the right folder you can type, "dir slu*" After seeing it,
    Delete slui.exe by typing in the command "del slui.exe" from within d:/windows/system32 folder path.
    3. After deleting the Slui file, we need to boot into windows normally without using the installation disk and open up the command prompt with Administrative privileges.
    4. Then we type in the command "slmgr -rearm"
    5. Wait a few seconds, enter the command to restart your system.
    "shutdown /r /t 00"
    6. When the computer restarts, open the command prompt with administrative privileges again.
    7. Enter the command: "slmgr -ato" wait for the activating windows sign to come up, whether it's successful or not, you're finished, when the time period runs out, it will be a stamp stating that the windows you're using is not a genuine copy of windows, but you will not be locked out of the Windows 7 Pc because no Activation key was entered when the activation time has ran out.

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