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    13. Linux Terminal Task Manager & Kill Processes


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    13. Linux Terminal Task Manager & Kill Processes

    Post by Aof on Sat May 19, 2018 6:04 am

    13. Linux Terminal Task Manager & Kill Processes
    1. firefox http://www.duckduckgo.com = opens a page with firefox using the terminal.
    2. Alt+Tab or alt+shift+tab = switches between running processes.
    3. Ctrl+Shift+T = opens a new terminal tab.
    4. top = to view the task manager from within the terminal.
    5. ctrl+c = wait for the process you are looking for to come up then press "Ctrl+c" to cancel it.
    6. kill 6030 = to kill a process with 6030 as a PID Number.
    7. "Ctrl+page up & page down" navigates forward and backward through terminal tabs in gui (graphical user interface) mode.
    8. press the up key, to slowly flip through your history of commands, for example, if you needed to re-enter a command that you just got done using a few commands ago it would be useful.
    10. pkill firefox = (or the command that you used to bring a process up.) kills the process by command name.
    11. xkill = then click on the process that you would like to kill.
    12. pgrep firefox-esr = You can find a process PID number by typing this command.

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