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    30. How to Hack a Raw Hard Drive


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    30. How to Hack a Raw Hard Drive Empty 30. How to Hack a Raw Hard Drive

    Post by Aof on Thu May 31, 2018 2:13 am

    30. How to hack a Raw Hard Drive
    IDE Hard Drives are from 2008 & below
    Sata Hard Drives are from 2008 & above
    1. Place the hard drive into the Hdd Docking Station easily but securely, i have had to enter a drive up to 5 times before it read before.
    2. Plug the docking station into the wall, and plug the usb port from the docking station to your computer.
    3. Turn on the docking station, look for the red light to blink atleast once.
    4. Look at your computer, it should detect the hard drive as it would a Usb stick, then you may navigate through the Hard Drive if everything worked.
    Hdd Docking Station do not work on all hard drives from my experience it worked on 2/3 drives I tested on 1/1 laptop ide drive and 1/2 desktop ide hard drive it doesnt work everytime, but when it does work it's impressive to use.

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