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    33. Using TOR with Firefox & Wine


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    33. Using TOR with Firefox & Wine Empty 33. Using TOR with Firefox & Wine

    Post by Aof on Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:05 pm

    33. Using TOR with Firefox & Wine
    1. apt-get install tor = installs tor, or it gives an error message which will instruct you what to do to make it go smoothly.
    2. dpkg --configure -a = is the message code it gave me to type to make the installation go smoothly.
    3. Yes = Select yes with arrows & enter key.
    4. apt-get install tor = installs tor from repositories.
    5. apt --fix-broken install = it gave another message to fix the broken install version of tor.
    6. y = press y to continue.
    7. apt-get install tor = we type this again.
    8. y = press y to continue.
    9. service tor status = once it completes, we can type this to see that it's inactive.
    10. service tor start = starts tor.
    11. nano /etc/proxychains.conf = scroll to the bottom and check that socks4 is set to 9050
    12. service tor status = we now see that tor is active.
    13. proxychains firefox duckduckgo.com = opens firefox through Tor Network, and visits the site duckduckgo.com
    14. ipleak.net = the page will load and tell you where it detects that you are from, if you are using the tor network, it will make you appear as if you're from somewhere entirely different, either a different state, or different country, if you don't like where it says you are from,
    you can exit firefox, then type, service tor stop then service tor start again and revisit the site through the proxychains command as we did earlier, and it will almost always choose a different location for you.
    15. You can view the open terminal window which we ran the proxychains command from to see the outgoing responses progress to see if it's working or not, if you get tired of waiting, and want to check the progress.
    16. Now I am visiting Youtube from Romania's location.
    Opening a program using Tor.
    1. proxychains wine 'DRAGPROGRAMHERE' = This command will open a program using wine through the Tor Network, so that the program will think you are from a different location.

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