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    34. Operating System Homicides


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    34. Operating System Homicides Empty 34. Operating System Homicides

    Post by Aof on Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:15 am

    34. Operating System Homicides
    Making Windows 10 Unbootable, First in the video I show you the location of the system32 folder from within the Windows 10 Operating System, this folder contains very important files for windows xp-10 to run correctly, it has many of the default programs that are pre-installed with windows within the folder, if it's deleted it will render the operating system useless unless the operating system is re-installed through a disk or usb using an Iso File.
    Never Delete this, deleting this will ruin the entire Operating System rendering the Pc Useless as I demonstrate within the video.
    1. First I boot from Usb Bootable Kali Drive.
    2. I open the Linux File Explorer, Left click on Other Locations,
    3. Select the Drive of the Computer
    4. Navigate to the Windows Folder, then Delete the System32 Folder = this will render the Pc Useless, we can left click on the icon to see the file deletion progress.
    Some of the User files will still be on the hard drive in most cases, if they know how to do a Physical Access Hack as I showed earlier, most of the user files such as Desktop, Documents, Pictures should be recoverable. I haven't tested that theory, but I don't see why it's not possible, since this seems to only prevent windows from booting into the Operating System.
    5. So now we just power down the Linux Usb Drive, and the next time the Windows 10 System Attempts to Bootup, it tries to repair itself, but it will fail.
    Note: See how easily a Windows 10 System can be destroyed? Another reason why you should never leave your Pc system alone with Anyone.
    Formatting Kali Usb Operating System Drive using Windows 7 Operating System, Deleting everything on it..
    Killing a Linux Usb Drive using Minitool Partition Wizard in Windows.
    Then we really will be committing Operating System Homicide in both directions.
    1. Open Minitool Partition Wizard, find the Linux Usb Drive (You should know how much GB in size it is, and be sure not to select your Operating System Drive. lol)
    2. Right click each section on the Usb bootable drive space then delete it.
    3. Right click on the newly unallocated space, and left click create, change the file system to FAT32 which will be readable by Windows.
    4. Press Ok, then Apply.
    5. It just takes a few seconds.
    6. Now the Drive has been sucessfully wiped, Linux Operating System is no longer on the Usb Drive.
    7. We can re-install Linux on the Usb Drive any time we want tho.
    This can be useful, if you want to backup your Linux Files on Your Desktop, Pictures etc.. to an external drive, then wipe and re-install Linux to your Usb Drive if let's say, you wanted to upgrade to the latest Iso File.
    I actually prefer upgrading Iso Files vs. trying to Upgrade the Operating System in Linux, Sometimes when you attempt to upgrade Iso files in Linux Two things happens often.
    One: It takes forever to download the upgraded file.
    Two: It could break or cause glitches in the Usb Linux Operating System on the Drive when you upgrade from a older Operating System.
    Note: This can also be used to Erase your "History" of Terminal Commands by wiping the drive, and Re-installing Linux,
    since you'll need to make the drive persistent all over again as we did in,
    Learn About Computers & Linux: 1. Creating Bootable Kali Linux Usb.
        You have made it to the End of the 6+hours Series, Thanks for watching,
    if you enjoyed let me know in the comments on the videos & by liking & commenting on my photos through Instagram.
    You can look back at Windows Playlist Lesson,
    Learn About Computers: 23. Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate Ver 32 or 64 bit
    View the above, For Information on how to re-install Windows if someone has deleted your Operating System, You will have to purchase a new License Key from Ebay, so it's best to search there first to find out how much one costs, install the new Operating System, make sure everything works alright, if it doesn't google for solutions to the problems that you are having, then once it's working fine, purchase the new license key and Activate the Clean Install of Windows.
    Note: Some Systems are a little different, so you may need to find the Audio Drivers for certain systems You can usually find these by googling the manufacturer of the Pc in Question, or googling the model number of the Pc in Question and look for "audio drivers %manufacturename% %modelnumber%" for example when re-installing the Windows Os, so don't do this to your main computer Just Incase. As a matter of fact, just don't do this since it will stop your system from booting up, I only did it because I like tearing things up then fixing them sometimes.

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